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Final Fantasy Versus XIII to be shown in real-time next time we see it

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on 18 January 2012

Final Fantasy Versus XIII will finally be demoed in real-time at its next public showing, Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed.

The elusive PlayStation 3-exclusive RPG was first announced back in 2006, and has cropped up at various trade shows in subsequent years, albeit running on development equipment as opposed to consumer hardware.

Nomura couldn’t commit to a date as to when the game will show its face next, but did confirm Square would not be hosting a special event this month to showcase upcoming projects as it has done in previous years.

Elsewhere, he also dropped a few nuggets of info on the game, revealing Versus XIII has a mix of real-time and Visual Works pre-rendered CG. The exact ratio is seven real-time to three pre-rendered.

In addition, Square has also reworked the scene in which Noctus and Stella meet for the first time, and it has now become a pre-rendered sequence. Apparently, player control would not have had a major effect on the proceedings here, hence the decision to change it.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII has yet to attract a release date. Stay tuned for more info as we get it.