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MLB 12 The Show receives PS3, Vita Cloud support

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on 27 January 2012

Aaron Luke, a designer for MLB 12 The Show, spoke with Playstation about some of the new changes coming to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of the game, including the inclusion of a Cloud save functionality.

The different versions of the game will have a Cloud save support that allows a single save for each of Franchise, Road to the Show, and Season be transferable between both the PS3 and the Vita. So, all modes can actually be played on the road.

On top of that functionality, The Show will have player generation logic, so all characters generated by The Show will be less balanced in comparison to previous versions and more generated players will have specialities such as speedster players, players with better hitting averages, or even some with bad fielding ability.

MLB 12 The Show will be releasing for both PS3 and the PS Vita on March 6th. With some of these cross-platform functionalities, some may definitely be buying this game twice, or for both consoles. Do these options justify buying the game for different consoles? Let us know what you think!