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Bundle MLB 12 The Show for PS3, Vita for discounted price

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on 1 March 2012

Playstation just announced that it's offering a special bundle price for both the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita versions of MLB 12 The Show.

Playstation disclaimed that this bundling opportunity is only for a limited time. Through most major retailers, anyone who buys both the PS3 and the Vita versions of MLB 12 The Show in the same transation will get them for $20 less than paying separately, totaling only $79.99. All you need to do is put both games in your online cart before making the purchase, and the discount will be added automatically.

A few members of our forum community made mention to a deal like this being appealing, so it's really nice to know that Playstation has been listening to its consumers.

MLB 12 The Show launches next week on March 6 for PS3 and PS Vita. Does this deal coax you into buying both games? Personally, I'm going for it!