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Sony takes down Motorstorm PSN game to thwart PS Vita hackers

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on 2 March 2012

Sony has officially taken down Motorstorm: Arctic Edge from the Playstation Network to keep hackers from using the newly-released Playstation Vita for playing homebrew games, according to a post from Engadget.

It's been a running fear that the PS Vita will meet the same corrupted fate as the PSP, but Sony looks to be taking as many steps as possible to safeguard its newly-released handheld. Hackers have found a way to apply homebrew loaders to the PS Vita by manipulating a loader previously used for the PSP and teaming that with some sort of exploit found in the PSP game Motorstorm: Arctic Edge. This Motorstorm game isn't supported on US-registered PS Vitas, but its been taken down from the PSN of other supporting countries so the exploit is no longer used. 

It's not hard to assume that Sony hasn't prepared for something like this to happen, but the PS Vita is still in its infancy. Sony appears to be on top of it, and, as we've seen from the PS3-hacking deal last year, they don't seem to be afraid of taking actions against hardware manipulators. 

Does this prove to be a bad omen for the PS Vita's future, or is this a bump in the road? Let us know what you think.