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Crysis port depends on PC success, says Crytek

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on 5 October 2007

Crytek boss Cevat Yerli has reiterated that the company’s upcoming PC shooter Crysis may appear on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 should the game be well received upon its release this November.

While Yerli stated that “there is no development on consoles” at present time, he said the firm may consider the possibility of releasing the game on home console should the PC version perform sufficiently at retail.

“What happens next we haven’t decided yet, because first we want to see how the game is received, publicly and critically…” he explained.

“We believe it will be received at least as strong as Far Cry. I hope personally a 5% average increase… That would give us an argument to [say], ‘OK, let’s see how we can bring Crysis to consoles’. The engine right now is running on consoles so there’s no reason why we couldn’t.”

Yerli further added that although PC shooters are roughly five years ahead of those on consoles, he feels that Crysis could successfully make the transition from PC to next-generation machines if the decision is made to do so.

“In order to make Crysis’s gameplay [on console] you would have to make a derivative Crysis and optimize it for the Xbox 360 and PS3. In fact, if we do it, we’ll optimize it for each platform… If we would bring it to console we would keep the sophistication. … We would not dumb down the experience.

“The AI and our gameplay dynamic is our heart. We can’t change that. If you change that, you lose Crysis… You have to work it on the UI level, on the level design level, but do not change the heart. If the game is too difficult, make sure the UI can compensate for it. Or if the AI is too difficult make sure the level design offers more leeway and covers for the player. But the core gameplay is intensive, smart and still challenging.”

Crysis is due out on PC from November 16.