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Sony sued over Blu-ray

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Just when things were looking up for Blu-ray technology and Sony, a California based company named Target Technologies says they have rights to the technology behind Blu-ray and not Sony.

The company stated that they own the patent for the silver-based alloys that Blu-ray uses. Silver-based alloys have all the advantages of gold but not nearly as expensive. It is also resistant to corrosion much like pure silver. The company stated that the Blu-ray technology is infringing their own technology used in optical disc formats because of this. The patent was filed in April of 2004 and granted in March of 2006.

The company is targetting Sony Computer Entertainment America, Sony Pictures, and Sony DADC branches of the multi billion dollar company. Target Technologies said they are seeking a permanent injunction preventing Sony from violating its patent rights in the future, along with damages for infringement.

Neither companies wanted to talk to reporters about the lawsuit, and it may be a while before we here the outcome.