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Sony sympathise with early PS3 adopters

on 8 October 2007

Ray Maguire, Managing Director for Sony Computer Entertainment UK, has stated that he feels the 40GB PlayStation 3 is the next logical step in an evolving platform, but conceded that he understands early adopters may feel “cheated” by the arrival of cheaper hardware.

"I think it's natural to feel that way, of course it is," Maguire told Gamesindustry.biz.

"The difference between our industry and many other industries is that if you're selling cars or houses the price goes up steadily. Consumer electronics only goes one way and that's downwards."

Maguire went on to describe the advantages for early adopters of new technology, observing that it allows them to experience the latest technology months before the mass market catches on.

"One thing is common amongst the entire market for consumer electronics and that is that there are early adopters like myself who will spend GBP 10,000 on a plasma TV that is worth GBP 3000 within three years. That's the way the market goes”, he said.

"What do they get for that? They get six months of enjoyment of the product before anybody else gets that ability to play those games.”

Lastly, he viewed the introduction of the 40GB SKU as a natural evolution for the console, denying criticism that it would lead to confusion among the different models available in each region.

"As products evolve the offerings change because they have to adapt to the needs of the consumers but I don't think it's been particularly confusing in six months to go from stand alone, to a bundled proposition into a low price entry level model.”

"We also have to remember that consumers don't search around the world for different configurations. We are a global company but we have to act locally as well."

The 40GB PS3 launches this Wednesday.