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Payday: the Heist sequel is on its way

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on 19 April 2012

The Swedish developer Overkill Software is in the middle of developing a sequel to Payday: the Heist.

Alongside this news, OS also landed a purchase deal to be bought by Starbreeze Studios, only waiting on approval from shareholders. Even though Starbreeze Studios will own Overkill Software, it plans on still letting OS continue developing the Payday sequel on its own.

Starbreeze boss Mikael Nermark said, "They will still continue to grow the first Payday, to enhance that experience, and move to the sequel. They're doing great stuff, and I'm not going to change that in any way. We're going to give them the creative freedom to do what they've done so well."

All of this news falls together nicely, especially since the first Payday was received really well. We'll keep you posted on more development progress on the Payday sequel as it arrives.

Via Eurogamer