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PlayStation All-Stars domain registered by Sony

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on 23 April 2012

Fresh evidence that Sony is beavering away on a Super Smash Bros-style game for PlayStation 3 has cropped up in the form of the newly-registered

This just so happens to be the supposed name for Sony’s ambitious PlayStation brawler, which has kept the rumor mill spinning since last year.

If gossip is to be believed, then PlayStation All-Stars will feature a host of Sony’s most iconic characters duking it out together, including the likes of Kratos, Nathan Drake, Fat Princess and Sly Cooper.

The game is said to be in development at Superbot Entertainment, which yesterday Tweeted: "Boot sequence initiated..."

With a major PS3-exclusive set to be revealed later this week, it’s looking extremely likely Sony fans will be getting their own distinct blend of the Smash Bros formula in the near future.

Stay tuned to for more details.