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Sony to double archive output in Japan

Sony Japan has updated their PlayStation Store with a batch of original PlayStation (PS1) games available for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable costing just 600 yen (around $5 USD).

The full list is as follows:

Alundra (Sony)
Echo Night #2 (From Software)
Hanafuda Graffiti Koikoi Monogatari (Hamster)
King's Field III (From Software)
Popologue (Sony)
Sanwa Pachinko Paradise (Irem)
Sanwa Pachinko Paradise 2 (Irem)
XII Jumbo (Sony)

In addition -- this update is just the first of two for October and Sony will infact be updating the Japanese PlayStation Store archives twice a month henceforward.

This is a significant development and could see more PS1 games promptly appearing in the store on a more consistent basis which is great. But the question still remains - Will Sony ever create a complete archive?