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Iridium Runners announced for PS2

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on 15 October 2007

SouthPeak Games today announced development of a new racing title due out for Sony’s PlayStation 2 console in 2008; Iridium Runners.

Developed by Italian-based Company Playstos Entertainment, the game takes place in the year 2050, where players take part in the Iridium Runners Championship; an athletic, on-foot series of races sponsored by a futuristic mega corporation.

Gamers will be able to employ a variety of weapons and other collectibles to aid them in their quest for pole position, as you race around what the developers are touting as a series of “inventive” tracks. Featured game modes include championship and single player races, in addition to full split screen multiplayer functionality.

SouthPeak Games Vice President Melanie Mroz, commented, “Iridium Runners is another example of the fun, distinctive and unique titles that we look to publish. The PlayStation 2 market is still thriving and Iridium Runners will represent great value for money, thanks in no small part to the team at Playstos.”

“It’s fantastic to be working with the team at SouthPeak Games on Iridium Runners. Their dedication and enthusiasm matches ours and together, I’m confident that we’ll see Iridium Runners become a success in the wide range of territories that SouthPeak reaches”, added Luca Da Rios, CEO and Executive Producer of Playstos Entertainment.

Iridium Runners is scheduled for release on PlayStation 2 in February 2008. Stay tuned for more details as they break.