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Extend Your Escape Plan With Cheap 'Asylum' DLC

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on 13 June 2012

Escape Plan, the enchanting-yet-gruesome tale of the perpetually unfortunate duo Lil and Laarg, was one of the PlayStation Vita's early charmers. If you're a fan of the game's twisted personality and touch-exclusive controls, you'll love what today's PlayStation Store update brings to the table. PlayStation Plus members will receive five free avatars, but the bigger news is today's release of “The Asylum”, a DLC package that sends the pair to 18 new levels with new Challenge Modes and Trophies to boot.

The best part? This new content is damn near free.

For a limited time – two weeks, to be exact – you can download “The Asylum DLC” for the super-low price of 25 cents. After this grace period, “The Asylum” will jump to $4.99, so be sure to pick it up later this evening if you've any inclination to play it.

On the subject, be prepared to download the game's latest update, Patch 1.02, for "two Dressing Room costumes . . . and a handful of gameplay improvements." Sounds good to me!