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Resident Evil 6's Crossover system revamps co-op modes

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on 18 June 2012

Resident Evil producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi spoke with PlayStation Blog about its newest addition to Resident Evil 6, which is the co-op system called Crossover.

The Crossover system is set to promote a global connectivity between all players. Essentially, the game picks players at random from across the globe to play with you when you have the online system active. Hirabayashi said, "Somebody else in the world who’s playing roughly at the same time and they’re also about to get at that point or they’re already there as Jake, he or she will join you. So the idea is more to have a surprise about who’s going to play with you."

Some of us may be more entitled to play solo, and some of us like to play with friends. Fortunately, RE6 still supports those aspects of the game as well. Those who want to play solo simply play with AI-controlled characters. Playing with friends has a couple of options. You can simply pick and friend and co-op with him or her, or you can activate the Crossover filter to favor your friend's list. This way, the party is filled and friends still play together; we've all seen plenty of games with terribly AI-managed allies, so this option definitely sounds attractive.

As a final note, Hirabayashi directs attention to the common issue at hand with survival-horror games: "That’s not how it’s going to be when you come across the Ustanak in the final game – you’ll still have Resident Evil-style situations where you have a shotgun with only two shells in it and you have to make sure you make it counts."

Resident Evil 6 looks to be shaping up quite nicely, even if it's even more action-oriented than Resident Evil 5. The tasks previewed in the game so far look pretty daunting, so hopefully what Hirabayashi said about survival-horror elements can really bring back what fans want from the series.

For further information on the Crossover system, check out the full interview right here.

Via PS Blog