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Steam offers extra funds for trading in console games, with an anti-console catch

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on 18 July 2012

Valve has set in place a deal through Gamestop that grants gamers thirty percent more money for trading in console games, but this comes with a pretty interesting catch.

In order for gamers to take advantage of this deal, they have to trade their games into Gamestop and put the money on a Steam gift card, so those funds can only be used on Steam. This is a good deal for Steam users, but gamers who aren't familiar with PC games might be surprised to find out after the fact that PC games can't be traded back in like consoles games. 

This is definitely a good way to get sales on Steam, since gamers sell games pretty frequently. Still, it's a bit manipulative. How do you guys feel about a deal like this? Pretty tempting, if PC gaming is your thing.

Via Gamespy