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[UPDATE] New characters, stages, game modes, items - every PlayStation All-Stars leak, in one place

on 29 July 2012

UPDATE, August 2, 2012: SuperBot Entertainment's president Chan Park took to the official PlayStation Blog earlier today to confirm that a public beta for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will begin this fall, but he also directly addressed (and confirmed) the leaks below:

"In addition, there was an unexpected and unintended leak in our beta that allowed fans to be able to see some additional content. We’ve enjoyed reading all of the fan reaction and are thrilled that so many of you are excited to learn more about our character roster and level mash-ups, however we are still in development and the leaked content does not fully represent the final product nor the incredible efforts that were made to make these elements truly spectacular. This will be evident in the coming weeks as this content is officially revealed, beginning with our next character announcement at Gamescom in a couple of weeks."

ORIGINAL STORY: In an effort to keep up with the deluge of leaked information on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, we've created this handy hub of details that will be constantly updated as we hear more. Below you'll find information on 20 playable characters (12 confirmed, eight leaked), 14 stages, 20 minions (one for each fighter), 17 weapons and items, and a whole host of possible game modes.

The following information comes courtesy of both the GameFAQs and NeoGAF forums, where users of each have diligently pored over files in the PlayStation All-Stars beta code. The reward they've reaped is an insane amount of information on Sony's crossover brawler, and we've organized everything we know below.

Playable Characters

A collection of data files associated with characters was unearthed by NeoGAF users. There are two possible formats for the data files:

[date] [time] [number] css_character_icon_[name].ctxr


[date] [time] [number] ui_cs_text_[name].ctxr

As IGN points out, the latter format seems to apply to the first six characters (plus Nathan Drake) officially unveiled by SuperBot (including Sweet Tooth and Parappa the Rapper). Meanwhile, the former code is used for characters that were either revealed at a later date or have yet to be shown. Because of this, speculation exists that seven fighters will be immediately playable, while the rest must be unlocked.

Character List (leaked fighters in bold)

--Evil Cole

--Good Cole

--Dante (from Ninja Theory's DmC)



--Nariko (from Heavenly Sword)

--Raiden (from Metal Gear Rising)



--Sir Daniel Fortesque (from MediEvil)

--Spike (from Ape Escape)

--Toro Inoue

--Colonel Radec

--Fat Princess


--Nathan Drake

--Parappa the Rapper

--Sly Cooper

--Sweet Tooth

In addition to these characters, NeoGAF user Tagg9 uncovered files referencing "minons", who might to be background characters or NPCs that make in-game cameos somehow. There seems to be one minion for each playable character.


Athena (Kratos)

Captain Qwark (Ratchet)

Fat Princess Worker (Fat Princess)

Dollface (Sweet Tooth)

Helghast Soldier (Colonel Radec)

Kai (Nariko)

Kat (Dante)

Keira (Jak)

Kiya (Sir Dan)

Kuma (Heihachi)

Little Sister (Big Daddy)

Monkey (Spike)

Murray (Sly Cooper)

Nix (Evil Cole)

Pierre (Toro Inoue)

PJ Berri (Parappa the Rapper)

Sackbot (Sackboy)

Sam (Raiden)

Sully (Nathan Drake)

Zeke (Good Cole)



The initial leak from Reddit user 696ly was later supplemented by clear stage images that appear to be thumbnails from a stage select screen. A set of files provides the name for each stage, as well as a 15th "Random" option.

Alden's Tower - inFAMOUS

Paris - Sly Cooper

Black Rock Stadium - Twisted Metal

Columbia - BioShock Infinite

Stowaways - Uncharted 3

Invasion - Killzone

Timestation - Ape Escape

Franzea - LocoRoco

San Francisco - Resistance 2


The rest of the known stages are confirmed, and include:

Dreamscape - LittleBigPlanet 2 / Buzz!

Hades - God of War / Patapon

Metropolis - Ratchet & Clank / God of War

Sandover Village - Jak & Daxter / Hot Shots Golf

Dojo - Parappa the Rapper / Killzone


Items and Weapons

A list of usable items and weapons has surfaced via GameFAQs user rumbalumba. The list was subsequently organized by Examiner.

--Atomizer (Resistance 3)

--Baumusu Axe (The Mark of Kri)

--Boots of Hermes (God of War III)

--Freeze Missile (Twisted Metal)

--Golf Club (Hot Shots Golf)

--Gravity Shield (Wipeout)

--Hedgehog Grenade (Resistance)

--Dohvat Laser Designator (Killzone 3)

--Leech Beem (Wipeout)

--Murder of Crows (Bioshock Infinite)

--Railgun (Metal Gear Solid 4)

--Razor Claws (Ratchet and Clank)

--RPG (Uncharted)

--Scythe (Fat Princess)

--Spear (God of War)

--Sonic Rift (ModNation Racers)

--Sackbot (Little Big Planet)


Game Modes and Miscellaneous Info

GameFAQs user rumbalumba also unveiled a host of game modes and random info pulled from text files in the beta's code. Potential game modes include:

--Arcade mode

--Solo Play

--LAN game

--Free Roam

--Challenge Trials


--Countdown Attack

--Character Trials

--King of the Hill

--Capture the Flag

--General Trials


--Quick Match

A host of other details were posted, including what appear to be options and lines of text from the game. This content hints at various aspects of online play, items, and options.

--"Challenge Trials - This Trials set involves fun trials with unique gameplay"

--"Character Trials - This Trials set involves mastering one character at a time"

--"General Trials - This Trials set involves finding success with the fundamentals of the game"

--Insane AI, Hard AI, Normal AI, Easy AI

--Clue Bottles

--Customize Characters

--Killer Bees


--Kills are worth +2 Score and Deaths are worth -1


--Great Mighty Scythe


--"You gotta do what? I gotta receive!"

--Disband Party

--Season Leaderboard

--Max Supers Kills

--Recent Players