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THQ has four unannounced games in the works

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on 7 August 2012

THQ revealed during its quarterly financial call overnight that four unannounced titles are currently in the works at the publishing giant’s internal studios.

Relic Entertainment, Vigil Games, Volition and THQ Studio Montreal each received the go-ahead for a new project in the last 60 days. THQ president Jason Rubin says the new games “represent the type of product we believe will make THQ successful in the future.”

He added: "I've also been formulating a long-term plan of how we will leverage our internal and external studios based on the changes that are happening and that we expect to happen in our business in the near future.”

"My immediate focus is to take advantage of opportunities to strengthen our current product pipeline. With meeting Volition, for example, I found that the in-progress Saints Row: The Third - Enter The Dominatrix expansion pack was an incredible amount of fun to play. I had so much fun playing and experimenting that we rethought the opportunity and decided to turn the expansion into a full sequel and move the release to calendar '13 and incorporate the assets into a full-sized broader game.”

The executive went on to reveal his plan to “leverage the individual strength of each of our studios and intellectual properties, and match the right game experiences with the right business models to exploit new and emerging trends in gaming.”

As for the four studios in question, Vigil, who has just wrapped on Darksiders II, revealed earlier this month that it’s staffing up for a new first-person shooter. Volition is expected to be working on Saints Row 4, while Relic is finishing off Company of Heroes 2.

Finally, THQ Studio Montreal was believed to be producing former Assassin’s Creed creator Patrice Desilets’ new title, though after hearing news that the company has started working on a new game, it remains unknown if this is still the case.

Stay tuned to for more details.