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Square to take Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning saga in new direction

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on 22 August 2012

The Lightning saga born from Final Fantasy XIII is set to be taken in a brand new direction, Japanese publisher Square Enix has revealed.

September 1, 2012 will mark a special day for the company, when the producer, director and art director of FFXIII will unveil fresh information about the direction of heroine Lightning at a Tokyo-based event.

FFXIII divided critics and fans upon its release in March 2010, and was followed by a direct sequel, the awkwardly-titled Final Fantasy XIII-2, in January of this year.

Furthermore, Square has released a number of DLC packs for FFXIII-2 to flesh out the story of Lightning, such as Requiem of the Goddess.

As for the announcement itself, many have speculated Square will unveil Final Fantasy XIII-3, though it could simply be additional DLC. We’ll be sure to keep you updated.