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All 50 states now educate video game developers

on 24 August 2012

As of this year, every state in the United States has colleges with courses devoted to game development.

The growth of the video game industry is evident, and colleges everywhere are now pushing to help educate students who are interested in developing video games. The Entertainment Software Association now reports that the US has 381 colleges, universities, and art or trade schools that offer different levels of video game education ranging from professional certificates to undergraduate work. The leading state is California with a count of seventy schools with development programs, and the states added this year to the count are Whyoming, Maine, Mississippi, Alaska, and Arkansas. For a complete list of schools, check out the official listing at the Entertainment Software Association website.

It could be said that this is completely in part of the demand for video game education, but it could be said that colleges and universities are trying to benefit financially to the demand for proper development education. Regardless, the sheer ability to learn about developing video games wherever you are is a major step in the right direction.

Via Gamasutra