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Kojima explains Ground Zeroes title; vaguely

on 3 September 2012

The fresh title Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes has been the subject of attention this weekend, but the title has left us a bit confused. Luckily, Hideo Kojima himself helped explain it.

Vaguely, I mean. On his official Twitter page, Kojima-san said,

"The title name is 'MGS Ground Zeroes', not 'Zero'. It is plural. There's not only one hypocenter."

It's still up for grabs what this could still mean, since the official gameplay trailer showed us a great deal of content. We have an idea here at PSU towers, and it may be interlaced with the genesis of Solid and Liquid Snake, and how Major Zero managed to get Big Boss' DNA. Still, it's up for speculation, and I know that we have a very avid MGS fanbase here on PSU, so let us know what you think may be meant by "Ground Zeroes."