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Silent Hill: Downpour finally coming to Japan

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on 8 September 2012

Konami has confirmed that horror title Silent Hill: Downpour will finally be hitting Japan on November 8.

Unlike its western counterpart however, the Japanese release of Downpour will only be made available for PlayStation 3.

It's worth remembering that the Silent Hill HD Collection was only released for Sony's console in the Land of the Rising Sun earlier this year, while Silent Hill: Homecoming didn't see the light of day in Japan at all.

Downpour originally hit the U.S. and Europe in spring 2012, and sees convict Murphy Pendleton stranded in the foggy streets of Silent Hill after his prison transport crashes on the outskirts of town.

The game is very much a classic survival horror romp, with ammunition and healing items needing to be carefully managed as you explore the town. Downpour adds several new elements into the mix however, including side-quests and a streamlined inventory system.

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