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Resistance dev on why it never quite matched Halo

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on 12 September 2012

The Resistance franchise has remained one of the PlayStation 3’s key first-party efforts since Sony’s console launched back in November 2006.

However, while initially billed as a series to rival that of Halo, Resistance never quite managed to set tills alight in the same way as Bungie’s Xbox 360-exclusive franchise achieved.

The developer behind the series, Insomniac Games, has offered its two pence as to why Nathan Hale and co. failed to match Halo’s retail success, which it pins largely on changes made to Resistance 2.

“We have theories internally about why Resistance wasn’t a Halo,” commented Insomniac boss, Ted Price. “One is that we changed the game a lot in Resistance 2, and we surprised players in a way that perhaps wasn’t what was expected.”

Price added that the studio is very proud of the series, particularly Resistance 3, and said it didn’t opt to make the PlayStation Vita title Burning Skies due to lack of resources. As a result, the game was instead developed by Nihilistic Software.

Insomniac has since gone multi-platform and has previously commented that Resistance 3 is to be its final entry in the series. The company is currently developing Fuse (formally known as Overstrike) for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.