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TGS 2012: Metal Gear Revengeance story trailer is mind-blowing

on 20 September 2012

Platinum Games and Kojima Productions released an enthralling, over-the-top trailer for its upcoming action title Metal Gear Rising Revengeance.

Though the trailer is completely in Japanese, it shows off some gameplay mechanics that look to accentuate the action-heavy style portrayed in previous trailers. Stealth looks to play a part in the game as well, as Raiden moves through some of the different areas without being detected and taking out enemies that way; he even takes control of a Dwarf Gekko from MGS4 and uses it to shock enemies to death.

One of the more interesting things to the trailer was a boss battle. We've already seen the cyborg ninja that defeats him early on, which is also shown in this trailer, but a female boss holds quite an intriguing resemblance of Screaming Mantis from MGS4. The fight also shows Raiden using his cutting abilities to break away from grapples that this female boss uses on him, cutting his way out of them and escaping.

Little humorous antics normally found in MGS titles find their way in here as well, with Raiden disguising himself in an oversized sombrero and Dwarf Gekkos doing funny things after being cut. The five-minute trailer goes all over the place in a glorious collection of action-packed sequences and gameplay styles. Let us know what you think of the trailer. Being a strong MGS fan, I'm become more and more interested in this title as more content has been shown. Do the rest of you feel the same way, or do you think otherwise?

Via G4TV