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Two great downloadable games coming to PS Vita this month

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on 8 October 2012

The lack of games for the PlayStation Vita has been something of a issue for many, but this month has two very interesting titles coming exclusively to Sony's handheld.

The first title is called Dokuro, which pits you against monsters and traps as you lead a princess to safety. It will be available on the PlayStation Network on October 16, and it'll cost $20. Take a gander at a screenshot below:

The second title is called Orgarythm made by XSEED, and, from the way it looks, the gameplay is as complicated as the title's pronunciation. Orgarythm is a non-traditional real-time simulation where you control different types of sentries to win your matches. The non-traditional part is that it requires rhythmic responses. In order to successfully input commands, you have to enter in the commands to the beat of the music, and the beat is simulated in real time. Orgarhythm will be available on the PSN for $30 on October 23. Check out the image below, and let us know if this will help alleviate the space between now and bigger titles.

Via Kotaku