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Dragon Age 3 in longer production than preceding titles, says BioWare

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on 22 October 2012

Cameron Lee, producer within BioWare, has detailed quite a bit about the third installment to the Dragon Age series.

As revealed through his official Twitter, Cameron briefly spoke about the development time for Dragon Age 3, saying that DA3 has been in a longer development time than Dragon Age 1 or 2. To put it in perspective, he had this to say:

"JP said just one level in DA3 is as big as all of DA2's levels."

Cameron also teased about a very specific option that players may be able to do when DA3 finally hits shelves:

"Here's a castle... And you *cough*... may or may not take control of it."

A gameplay addition like that would be great, considering the overall experiences in the last two DA titles were pretty straight forward, in terms of plot delivery. With announcements like this, Dragon Age 3 appears to be shaping up quite nicely. As we learn more about this upcoming title, we'll keep you posted. Expect Dragon Age 3 to show up on shelves sometime in autumn of next year.

Via Eurogamer, Cameron Lee's Twitter