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'Aftermath' teaser trailer points towards PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

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on 22 October 2012

 Another teaser trailer has hit the net, and Sony appears to be directing it towards the upcoming launch of its mash-up fighter PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Earlier this morning, we reported on the first teaser trailer called The Arrival, which brought back the same receptionist from the acclaimed Michael ad from last year. Now Sony appears to be directing that same energy into PSASBR, though it hasn't been specifically identified as such. If you look closely in the trailer, however, you can see Sly Cooper's staff, Sir Daniel's skull key, Sweet Tooth's segmented blade, and pink cake and ice cream which represent Fat Princess and Sweet Tooth, respectively. Enjoy this rich, but very brief, new teaser and let us know if you find something we didn't see.

Via PlayStation's Official Twitter