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New screenwriter takes on Mass Effect movie

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on 25 October 2012

Legendary Entertainment has given the reigns of the planned Mass Effect movie to a young, new, and unproduced screenwriter named Morgan Davis Foehl.

The original Mass Effect movie script was written by Mark Protosevich who had written screenplays for I Am Legend and Thor, Morgan Davis Foehl has been taken on instead. Though it seems a bit backwards in thinking, it should be noted that Foehl wrote the best unproduced script since 2009 with his script for Hollywood's Black Listed movie Whatever Gets You Through the Night. Foehl also has an affinity for espionage and action writing with his work on comic book sci-fi series Crosshair, which is why producer Avi Arad took such a liking to Foehl's style.

As more information on the Mass Effect movie releases, we at PSU will keep you posted as the information surfaces.

Via Eurogamer, Variety