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HD DVD expert: Gamers aren't using consoles for movies

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According to the Blu-ray Disc Association, millions are watching movies on their PS3s, but an HD DVD expert claims that this is untrue and that many gamers aren't even aware that their console can play HD movies.

Olivier Van Wynendaele, spokesman for the HD DVD Promotion Group, made the claims during an exclusive interview with

He says, according to indepedent research figures, that 60 per cent of game consoles owners don't know they can play movies - either DVD or Blu-ray - on their PS3.

Furthermore, of the remaining 40 per cent, Van Wynendaele says that just 13 per cent are actually using their games console as a player.

With the quality of games recently released on PS3, can you really blame gamers for wanting to play GAMES on their GAMES consoles though?

Add to that the relatively high price of Blu-Ray/HD DVDs and it's no wonder that many are not that bothered about watching movies through their PS3.

Van Wynendaele also added that the same applies to owners of Microsoft's Xbox 360.

Source: PS3 News