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VGA 2012: The Phantom Pain officially announced

7 December 2012

Announced this evening at the Video Game Awards was the new title The Phantom Pain.

Beginning in a doctor's office, the gameplay initiates in a gurney where the player looks at his left hand and it's a prosthetic arm. He then attempts to escape by crawling his way out of his hospital room. As he tries escaping, the hospital is attacked by men with automatics, and fellow patients are gunned down. The second half of the trailer begins showing its supernatural aspects, where a man that's on fire attacks patients, a fiery pegasus swoops in, and a demonic blue whale flips in and eats some unsuspecting patients. 

The unorthodox gameplay style had an immediate feel of uniquity, even if the main character looked a bit like Snake with his slight mullet and bandage over his eye.  We can only speculate what happened to him at this point, but rest assured that this title will be on our radar for some time.

Unfortunately, a platform wasn't announced for the title, but, since it was apparently in-game footage, it definitely looked like it was current gen--so, we can only expect it to be on PS3 and Xbox 360.

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