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New third party PS3 controller revealed

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If the introduction of the DualShock 3 was not enough, there is now more to the PlayStation 3 controller saga. Thrustmaster, a company known for their 3rd Party videogame peripherals have released what seems to be the ultimate PS3 controller.


The features for the controller are as followed:

-2.4 GHz Wireless Controller
-7 Progressive Axes, which is exclusive on all platforms
-Optical Wheel with self-centring feature.
-Dual Triggers which are progressive and programmable
-Playable on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, and PC platforms
-“Home” Button for the PS3
-Fully Programmable as the mini-sticks, directional buttons, optical wheel and triggers can be fully swapped.
-Internal Memory that stores all programmed button layouts, even when the controller is disconnected
-Vibration feature on the PS2 with two vibration motors.

The controller seems like a nice addition to the DualShock 3, but it is doubted that this will be anything worthy of a purchase. There is no official price set for the controller or release date. However, it is unique and should be considered as a purchase later on down the road.