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Elder Scrolls MMO in the works?

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Because of the great success that Blizzard has received with World of Warcraft, it seems as if a lot of developers want to jump on the bandwagon in hopes to grab some cash in a hot commodity market called MMOs. The Massively Multiplayer Online game market has seen its share of rumors with the most recent being speculation that Bioware could be working on a KOTOR or Indiana Jones MMO. Now Bethesda, the creative minds behind The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and the upcoming Fallout 3 could be entering the pool.

What brings this to surface is cause of recent moves by Bethesda that could bring about fact that the company is indeed behind a MMO. Fans of the internet have discovered that Bethesda has registered the domain of Bethesda comments that the only reason that they registered that particular domain was because they didn’t want squatters to get there first, whatever that is supposed to mean.

When asked about it, Pete Hines, Bethesda’s VP of Public Relations had this to say, "We have a separate company, ZeniMax Online Studios, that's owned by our parent company, which has been set up to do MMOs but they aren't talking about what projects they're working on or what they're doing". He further went on to add, "It's [ZeniMax Online Studios] obviously a new shop, a new startup, and given that it's an MMO, I imagine it'll be quite a while before they start to talk about what they're doing."

So really there isn’t a confirmation, but yet they are not denying it either. The only thing to do is pretty much wait for an announcement of some sort. We can honestly say that an Elder Scrolls MMO would be a great game and Bethesda should pursue it.

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Source: CVG