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DualShock 4 - new images show triggers, headphone port, Share button, and more

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on 20 February 2013

Sony's DualShock 4 - the official controller of PlayStation 4 - will bring with it a whole host of new features. The controller will allow you to share game footage and screenshots with your friends, interact in new ways via touchpad, and more.

Furthermore, subtle changes have been made to the controller's shape and buttons. Feast your eyes on the images below, and witness the changes: Start and Select are gone, replaced by 'Share' and 'Options.' The L2 and R2 triggers are now concave, more in-line with Xbox 360 and Wii U trigger shapes. L1 and R1 are much bigger. The analog sticks are concave. A headphone jack is available on the controller's underside. The hand grips are a bit more rounded and appear to be designed with better ergonomics in mind.

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