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Watch_Dogs will launch with PS4 during the holidays

21 February 2013

Watch_Dogs, Ubisoft's next open-world title, is set to release for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, and it's also slated as a launch title for the PS4.

Based in Chicago, the player character navigates the streets using his phone to interact wirelessly with all sorts of devices, such as ATM machines, other cell phones, security hardware like cameras and road blocks, and even circuitry boxes. Watch_Dogs will release for the PS3 and the PS4, but this title is also slated as a launch title for the PS4. 

Ultimately, news like this means that we won't know the exact date that Watch_Dog will launch, since Sony wouldn't be too appreciative of a launch day leak for its new console, but we can safely say that Watch_Dogs will release in the holiday season, which is when the PS4 is set to launch.

Take a look at the trailer below for Ubisoft's new title, and see if you can spot any inspirations from previous Ubisoft titles; we certainly see one in particular.

Via PS Blog

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