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The Last of Us demo bundled with GoW: Ascension, requires internet connection

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on 7 March 2013

Naughty Dog's demo of The Last of Us is bundled with every copy of God of War: Ascension, which releases next week, but certain requirements for the demo are pointing towards it featuring multiplayer.

The first-released demo of The Last of Us will require a dedicated internet connection and access to the PlayStation Network, all because of Digital Rights Management (DRM), which developers use to help manage their content digitally. Though this is traditionally meant to prevent content pirating, signs are pointing more towards the demo featuring multiplayer instead. Another indicator of the demo having multiplayer is a countdown within the demo itself, which may allow the online component to unlock once it reaches zero.

Granted, nothing has been confirmed at this point, and the DRM could be Naughty Dog simply protected their new IP. However, the legendary developer has yet to detail the multiplayer component that has only been mentioned as part of the game, so this could be a public reveal of its demo instead. Until we know for sure, all we can do it wait in anticipation.

The Last of Us releases exclusively on PlayStation 3 June 14.

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