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Shroud of the Avatar on PS4? Maybe, says Ultima's Richard Garriott

13 March 2013

Famed game creator and astronaut Richard Garriott has indicated to EDGE that a PlayStation 4 port of fantasy RPG Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues is possible.

The game, currently being funded via Kickstarter, marks Garriott's return to the genre he helped pioneer with early favorites like Ultima. With Shroud, Garriott seeks to counter the genre's stagnant focus on level-grinding with a return to role-playing roots. That means a sharp focus on meaningful character choices and an immersive world ripe with lore and possibility.

The good news for PlayStation gamers: since the game's Unity engine is so flexible, EDGE notes that Garriott isn't ruling out a PS4 port. "We're developing on the Unity platform, and one of the great advantages of that is that we can cross-compiles to basically, everything," Garriott explained. "And [whatever] platforms can run it well, there's no reason we wouldn't want to cross-compile onto those platforms."

For more on Shroud of the Avatar, hit up this link, and stay tuned to for breaking PS4 news. 

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