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PES 2014 to use Fox Engine, coming to next-gen consoles

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on 14 March 2013

Konami is planning to use the Fox Engine for PES 2014 as the franchise makes its way to next-gen consoles. PES 2014 will have a brand new physics engine and a new control scheme, which is said to give direct control to a player's center of gravity. You will be able to control a player's body in relation to the ball, giving more detail to dribbling and a greater emphasis on fighting for positioning.

Developers are also putting more attention on the momentum of a match. Typical yearly improvements include upgrades to player models, but graphics will likely be drastically enhanced on next-gen consoles.

The news, which comes from the latest issues of Edge (via MCV), should give fans of the series hope that we'll get a drastically improved entry as FIFA has been the dominate football/soccer game lately.

“We couldn’t really overhaul our old engine in the yearly development cycle,” creative producer Kei Masuda said. “The schedule was too demanding. We reflected on the difficult transition from PS2 to PS3 and could see the next-gen coming. We needed to make a new engine.”

Look for more details on PES 2014 soon.