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Persona 4 gets price cut for 2 weeks

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on 20 March 2013

If you haven't picked up one of the finest games to grace the PS Vita, now is your chance as Atlus today announced Persona 4 Golden is getting a $10 price cut everywhere across the U.S. and Canada. Persona 4 was one of our favorite games from 2012 and one of the absolute best PS Vita titles.

Here is a small part of our review of Persona 4 Golden:

" This magnetic journey through social relationships and self-acceptance hits all the high notes of its PlayStation 2 namesake while infusing a wealth of new content and remarkable production values. As a port, Golden positively gleams with polish, but as an RPG, it soars. Extraordinary characters, a gripping narrative, addictive gameplay, and haunting charm that lingers long after your battery runs dry... these are hallmarks of a masterpiece, and while no video game is perfect, Persona 4 Golden comes closer than any game on the PS Vita before it."

We've heard reports from our friends in Canada that supplies are limited. Have you had any problems finding a copy? Hopefully not and you can pick it up at a $10 discount.