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Diablo III on PS3: New gameplay video shows off battles and console UI

on 23 March 2013

Blizzard has provided our first extended look at Diablo III running on PlayStation 3, and the hack-and-slash RPG action looks glorious.

The blockbuster sequel's console port--coming this year to PS3 and PS4--was announced last month at Sony's PlayStation Meeting and PlayStation 4 reveal. In the weeks since, we've learned that Diablo III will support 4-player offline co-op, but will not be cross-compatible with the PC version. In addition, Diablo III's Auction House--arguably the game's most controversial feature--will not appear on PlayStation platforms.

Whether the PS3 and PS4 versions will be cross-compatible also remains to be seen.

Check out the game footage below, which shows off frantic battles and a retooled UI fit for your DualShock 3. Then, sound off in the comments if you're excited for Blizzard's critically acclaimed RPG to debut on PlayStation.