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Primal Carnage: Genesis bringing dinosaurs to the PlayStation 4

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on 26 March 2013

Fresh off the PlayStation Blog is the official announcement that dinosaurs will rise again in the PlayStation 4 title Primal Carnage: Genesis.

This first-person experience is set to have a vast range of dinosaurs, which ranges from the brachiosaurus and the tyrannosaurus rex to the velociraptor and dilophosaurus. Ashton Anderson, Founder and Game Director at Lukewarm Media, released only a few pieces of information on Primal Carnage alongside the trailer, which is featured below, but what he announced is juicy information: this game will utilize the new Unreal Engine 4, and the gameplay will range between linear and open-world experiences. 

The other detail that makes this announcement that much more interesting is that this series will be released episodically:


"We looked into several different storytelling methods and happened upon the episodic approach. It was a difficult decision for us, given the relative newness of episodic storytelling.

"Ultimately, the episodic method ended up being the clear victor due to the versatile nature of creating a story episode by episode. It allows us a lot of wiggle room, because one unique advantage of the episodic model is the ability for player feedback from the first episode to affect the development of the following episodes."

Lukewarm Media looks to follow the success that Telltale Games received with The Walking Dead series, but that doesn't seem to be the only inspiration behind Primal Carnage. It tickles me pink to see a game that's so openly influenced by the work from the Jurassic Park cinematic series. Take a look for yourself, and let us know if what you see gets you more excited for the PS4 to hit store shelves.

For more information on Primal Carnage: Genesis and its developer Lukewarm Media, go to their official website.

Via PS Blog