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Santa Monica finally patches GOW: Ascension's Trial of Archimedes, adds multiplayer customization

on 26 March 2013

Santa Monica Studios has finally released a fix to remedy the issue that so many have had during the Trial of Archimedies in God of War: Ascension.

Chapter 28 of Ascension has one of gaming's most frustrating events, and many of us at PSU can attest that getting through it will be the worse part of finishing the game on difficulties higher than Normal. The hot fix looks to meet between the original vision and making life easier for players, where the end of each wave will grant health and mana orbs that are scaled to difficulty levels. Speaking from personal experience, this will indeed keep the Trial of Archimedes a challenge without breaking every controller in your town.

Some mild multiplayer customization has been added, allowing for eight different marks relative to which god players choose association; one such mark is included below.

For those who have experienced audio issues, a fix for them will come later. Aaron Kaufman, Community Strategist of Santa Monica Studios, disclosed the following statement on the matter:

"Unfortunately, the time necessary to diagnose and explore audio issues cited by many of our fans during their play experiences made a solution in time for inclusion in the 1.03 update unfeasible. Despite this, we are still very aware of these reports, we continue to monitor user experiences in this regard, and we are working as quickly as possible to find a fix."

Santa Monica looks to assess the little issues one at a time, but the game will definitely feel more even now that the Trial of Archimedes has been ironed out; it's a bit disgruntling for those of us who have beaten Ascension on Hard prior to this fix, but it's still great to know that other gamers won't experience that level of frustration. 

Via PS Blog