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Leaked Battlefield 4 trailer released

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on 26 March 2013

Hitting the net this evening is a leaked preview of what's to come in the official announcement trailer for Battlefield 4.

Electronic Arts has teased a gameplay video all week, and new gameplay elements and leaked features have been coming out of the woodwork, but now we have a leaked trailer showing off exactly what EA has planned with Battlefield 4. Unfortunately, the quality is rather low, but the gameplay looks as involved as previous Battlefield titles in greater detail. The new Frostbite engine that will be featured in Battlefield 4 looks to utilize hardware efficiently.

The guys at stated that a 17-minute trailer will be released tomorrow following this leaked preview, but this trailer was uploaded by a normal user on Youtube rather than through an official channel. Regardless, all of the official developer indicators and the PEGI rating all point to the authenticity of this trailer. Take a look at what EA seems to have in store, and we'll have the full-length teased trailer here on PSU tomorrow when it launches.

Via BattlefieldO