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PS4 'blew me away,' says AMD graphics architect

on 11 April 2013

John Gustafson, the chief product architect for AMD, is the latest commentator to join in the ever-growing chorus of positive chatter regarding the PlayStation 4.

Speaking during an interview with o.canada.com, Gustafson commented: “The PlayStation 4 blew me away but I’m conscious about being too positive about it because of course we have other partners that are competing.”

AMD, of course, provides the PS4’s single-chip APU, which incorporates a CPU and GPU. This is unlike the PS3’s innards, which were produced by Sony themselves in the shape of the proprietary Cell Processor.

“It looks like they did an extremely good job of the engineering…The CPU and the GPU are on the same chip, which solves a lot of the problems (you don’t have to toss things over to a graphics card and try to get them back and forth).”

The architect went on to highlight PS4’s meaty 8GB RAM, which he says will give companies massive leg room when developing games. Physics engines will also benefit on PS4, which Gustafson expects will be the most realistic we’ve ever seen.

Moving outside of the gaming spectrum, he said that PS4 has potential to be used as an all-purpose computer platform, and all it would take for this to happen would be a few modifications.

PS4 is due out in holiday 2013.