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Defiance dev apologises for poor start, free loot for all

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on 12 April 2013

With every MMO comes teething problems at launch and Trion Worlds’ Defiance is no different with a spate of issues including disconnects and missing items.

The good news is the developer has issued patches to rectify many of the problems and now wants to give the community something back for their patience.

All Defiance players will now receive the following:

- Exclusive Launch-Only In-Game Title – Daredevil
- 1 Week Weapons Skill Boost
- 1 Week Scrip Boost
- 1 Week Loot Boost
- 1 Week XP Boost

Executive Producer Nathan Richardsson warns “it might take time to properly activate on your account because of caching."

The pilot episode of the Defiance T.V. show, which ties in with the videogame, airs on Monday.