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Madden 25 features new mechanics for veteran Madden players

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on 25 April 2013

Game Informer today released details from its hands-on experience with one of EA Sports' biggest annual releases in this year's form called Madden 25.

With the official winner announced for Madden 25's cover player, the time is ripe for details on the 25th release of Madden to start surfacing. Unlike the other titles in Madden history, Madden 25 will require stamina management. Previous Madden games had players get tired after running a hearty amount of plays or breaking for big gains, but this year's release will feature a stamina bar on the selected player. This means that using sprint, performing jukes and spins, and breaking loose for big gains will clearly leave the player fatigued, and that will be represented by a deteriorated stamina bar. Not only would this affect overall speed, but this might also increase a player's susceptibility to fumble the ball.

As well as a stamina bar, players will also have more options to keep the ball moving forward as far as possible. After stumbling, players will have a split second option to flick the right analog stick up to jump or push forward depending on the situation. As well as falling forward, players also have the option to flick the right analog stick backwards to attempt regaining balance, which will allow the player to keep running.

Sprint is treated differently this year. Instead of simply performing everything faster, moving forward will be more of a dedicated endeavor, and reaching a player's top speed will not be immediate. After activating sprint, the player will speed up in order to reach top speed instead of going at top speed automatically. Top speed has its disadvantage also, considering the fact that any movement left and right will not be as effective or enunciated as not using sprint. With all of these alterations, playing Madden will require more user input.

The defense is also receiving significant changes. The primary fix, which has taken place in every installment, is the ability for defensive players to respond to situations and take better angles according to the play at hand.

A feature called "Heat Seeker Tackle Assist," players will press the wrap tackle button or use the right analog stick to help react more freely to the ball runner performing a juke.

The Infinity Engine will be greatly improved in Madden 25, which is designed to simulate better reactions between offensive and defensive players in terms of momentum and contact locations, and the improved engine will also eliminate most of those messy tackles and after play interactions where players fall all over each other and their limbs distort in strange directions.

As a fan who has purchased the last four consecutive Madden titles, Madden 25 looks to have some of the best enhancements for a long time. The Infinity Engine in Madden 13 had its pros and cons, but this year's title looks to enhance what could have been perfect last year.

Madden 25 will release for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on August 27.

Via Game Informer


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