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'AMAZING big title' teased for PS Vita

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on 10 May 2013

Earlier this evening, we posted some PSU community predictions for Sony's E3 2013 press conference. Judging by the responses, PSU readers want to see PlayStation Vita games. And who could blame them? The fledgling handheld had one hell of a holiday season, but the last couple months have been pretty slim pickings (with the exception of Soul Sacrifice).

Thankfully, it seems that at least one major PS Vita game will be revealed soon. Shahid Ahmad--Sony's go-to guy for indie scouting--tweeted earlier today (via JPS) that "there is an AMAZING big title coming to Vita." He continued by teasing, "I can’t tell you anything about it, except that you are gonna be hooked for hours."

When I read "hooked for hours," my mind jumps to engrossing RPGs and endlessly replayable open-world games; think Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto, and the like. Does that mean something remarkably deep and compelling will be revealed soon? Sure seems like it, and with the timing of this tweet, you can bet that E3 2013 is a prime venue for the announcement.

What do you think this mysterious, "AMAZING" PS Vita could be? Speculate in the comments below, and watch the PSU homepage for more as we hear it.

Kyle Prahl desperately wants Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories on PS Vita. You can follow him on Twitter to find out just how crazy he is about the idea.