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PS4 Batman game confirmed? Kevin Conroy will voice Batman in 'new Arkham game,' 'not Arkham Origins'

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on 20 May 2013

Yesterday, we reported that storied voice actor Kevin Conroy had put to rest rumors of his non-involvement in Batman: Arkham Origins by announcing to fans at Dallas Comic-Con that he would, in fact, be voicing the Caped Crusader in the "next Arkham game." Well, actually, we noted that his words were ambiguous and could apply to a next-gen Arkham sequel, rather than Warner Bros. Montreal's current-gen prequel.

Looks like we called it! Conroy has confirmed over Twitter that he will be voicing Batman in an Arkham game that is not Arkham Origins. This comes alongside confirmation from numerous press outlets that Roger Craig Smith will be voicing the younger Dark Knight in Arkham Origins. Troy Baker will fill in for Mark Hamill as a younger Joker.

Are you glad to hear that another (probably Rocksteady-developed) Arkham game is in the works? Do you think it's headed for PlayStation 4? Sound off in the comments.


Kyle Prahl finally finished Arkham City a couple nights ago, and he's never been so excited for another Batman game. You can follow him on Twitter.