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Minecraft creator gets golden invite to Sony E3 event

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on 27 May 2013

Sony's getting theatrical. Notch (aka Markus Persson) tweeted a picture of a gold-colored PSOne that Sony has apparently sent him as a "VIP invitation to an E3 event."

Notch makes no mention of what type of event he's been invited to, though this could fall in line with Sony's recent pro-indie direction as this is the guy behind Minecraft and the owner of Mojang AB. As it is, Minecraft is still console exclusive to Xbox 360, though versions are available on the Apple App Store, the Google Play store, and PC.

Minecraft often tops the sales charts on these platforms, and Sony is no fool. Luring a creative force like Notch into its fold could mean big things; though it’s worth noting that Microsoft's infamous exclusivity agreements means it probably won't mean Minecraft is coming to a Sony platform any time soon.

Notch also mentions that Sony included no A/V cables, so it's all but confirmed that the PS4 will be entirely wireless? (tongue-in-cheek).