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Kojima Productions on why Snake doesn't have a new Japanese voice actor for Metal Gear Solid V

7 June 2013

During their Kojima Productions Alert podcast, the studio behind Metal Gear Solid V answered a few questions fans had submitted about the new game. One on the minds of many Metal Gear gamers was why the Japanese voice actor for Snake/Big Boss is remaining the same for MGSV while Kiefer Sutherland is replacing David Hayter for the role in the English version.

“This time, the English voice is really driving the animation, is driving the character. In past Metal Gears, everything was done by hand: the animation was done by hand, both the English and the Japanese were dubbed in,” explained assistant producer & podcast host Sean Eyestone.

“This time, the facial performance that is being done by the English voice actor is what is driving the animation, what is driving the character. And actually, Otsuka-san, who is the Japanese voice, will be dubbing into that. So his facial expressions will not be in the game, so it’s just his voice. It’s like what he’s done up to this point. So that’s more or less the reason why this casting decision was made."

Eyestone felt that the team made the right choice and fans will agree in time. "I know some people may have reservations, whenever things change, people are always a little nervous. But I think if you just wait and see how things turn out, I think you’ll be very happy with the performance. I think it’s really cool and we can’t wait to show you more.”

We will have to wait and see if Sutherland can fill Hayter's shoes and bring something new to the character. Stay tuned to PSU for breaking news on Metal Gear and more.


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