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PlayStation 4 Launch Date Leaked?

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on 20 June 2013

Since the reveal back in February, we knew that the PlayStation 4 would be launching late 2013. After E3, we found out that it would be holiday 2013, but with still no specific date. Now it seems that Media Markt might have slipped and revealed the date.

Over on the infamous NeoGAF forums, user Cyborg snapped a picture at his local Media Markt in Amsterdam, Netherlands of a PlayStation 4 ad. At the bottom, it clearly states, "Release: 13 November 2013."

That means PS4 drops on a Wednesday, which is a little odd. However, Media Markt is Europe's largest consumer electronics retailer. For people stateside like me, that would be like Best Buy having the same ad.

Could this be true? Does a November 13 release seem likely? Let us know in the comments below!