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Kojima reveals Metal Gear Solid remake, possible portable integration for MGSV

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on 25 June 2013

A roundtable interview with Hideo Kojima, attended by GameReactor, has revealed that he is planning a remake of the original Metal Gear Solid, and he's interested in Metal Gear Solid V having some form of digital integration.

Kojima let slip about the MGS remake when a fan, who managed to get into the interview, stated that a remake of the first two games should be made in the Fox Engine. Kojima then said that he is currently searching for a studio to remake the first game in that engine.

GamesReactor proceeded to ask Kojima about the impact of the next generation of consoles on him. He responded, "For us it's not about upgraded graphics or anything like that. We're really looking forward to the fact that we can now use multiple devices to play a game. So whether it's smart phones or tablets, we can play Metal Gear Solid V on that tablet or smartphone and integrate that into what we have on the console. So people can play the game essentially 24 hours and be in the world of MGS anytime they like to."

Whether Kojima wants to port the Fox Engine to a handheld device or, more likely considering the limitations of current hardware, create a smaller integrated game or application is still unclear.

Metal Gear Solid has already been remade once in 2004 as Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes, a Gamecube exclusive.

Are you interested in a remake of Metal Gear Solid? And do you think that digital integration would benefit Metal Gear Solid V? Let us know in the comments section below.