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Retail PS4 gets FCC certification

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on 23 July 2013

Following on from the PlayStation 4 dev kit going under the microscope of the FCC, the consumer version that will hit stores in North America and Europe this year has also been inspected.

The FCC states that the maximum clock frequency within the PS4 is 2.75GHz, which is said to be the clock frequency of the 8GB GDDR5 RAM.

The documents also say that the PS4 will operate in ambient temperatures between 5-35 degrees centigrade and weighs in at approximately 2.8kg. It will be manufactured in both China and Japan.

You can see the full documentation below:

For reference, the original PS3 went through the FCC in September 2006 so this is much earlier and suggests Sony are better prepared for launch. However, it's highly unlikely that the PS4 will launch in September; if the two month gap between the PS3's FCC appearance and launch was repeated, none of the games will be ready.